It is important that you pay your rent in advance and on time in line with your tenant agreement. You can pay your rent in a range of ways. We hope the information below will be a useful guide.

  • How to Pay your Rent

    Your online account with BCHG – Customer Portal

    It is quicker to click - by registering to your personal account with us, you can pay your rent conveniently online, as you can access your account 24/7. You can also access other services through your account, such as reporting a repair or contacting your Customer Relations Manager about something else. Click here to set up your account.

    Direct Debit

    An easy and safe way to pay your rent regularly is by Direct Debit, rather than by a rent payment card. You can set this up with us over the phone.

    Standing Order

    Set up a standing order to pay your rent regularly with your bank. You will need your tenancy reference number to set this up. This can be found by logging into your online account with us via the Customer Portal.

    All Pay

    Call All Pay's 24-hour call centre on 0330 041 6497.

    Download the All Pay app where you can make payments quickly at any time of the day or night. You will need your 19 digit Payment Reference Number for this. Please contact us if you are unable to locate it.

    We may contact you by phone, text, or letter if your account is showing arrears. If we contact you, please call us so we can discuss a payment plan.

    If you are struggling to pay, we may be able to help, so call your Customer Relations Manager for further advice, or contact Citizens Advice at

  • When to Pay your Rent

    Depending on your tenancy agreement, your rent will be due either:

    • Weekly (to be paid one week in advance at all times),
    • Monthly (to be paid one month in advance at all times).
    • You may choose to pay weekly, every two weeks or even monthly if you have a weekly rent agreement.

    Contacting You About Your Rent – We may contact you by phone, text message or by letter if we find that your account has gone into arrears. It’s really important that you speak to us if you think you can’t pay your rent or to discuss your account so that we can help you to keep your home

    Are You Worried About Paying? - We understand that your income may change due to different reasons, such as being made redundant from work, changes in benefits, or to cover some unexpected costs. If you are struggling to pay your rent please contact your CRM immediately who will be able to help you. Their details can be found here. We are here to help you and can support you through any hardship you maybe in with a range of options and external support.

    You can find out more information about our Payment Plan Guidethe details of which are below:

    Payment Plans
    We appreciate that the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on everyone’s lives and we have less money to spend. . However to avoid getting into debt with your rent, we can help by working with you to agree a payment plan. The plan will be based on your individual circumstances, your current income and expenditure and affordable for you.

    The aim of the payment plan is to reduce any financial pressure you are experiencing during this time.

    Your CRM will monitor the plan and contact you on a regular basis to ensure its still affordable.

  • Support with Paying your Rent

    There is a lot of information and support available that may help to boost your income and help to pay your rent. This includes some welfare benefits, and other grants. Click the links for further information:

    • See our information on the cost of living here
    • The Local Council have support funds in place, find out more information here.
    • Welfare Benefits Advice
    • Visit Turn2Us for practical help for those struggling finically.
    • Visit Citizens Advice for wide ranging advice about debts, work, benefits, family matters and much more.
  • Universal Credit

    Your Universal Credit will be made up of a standard allowance plus elements you are eligible for such as:

    • Housing
    • Being responsible for children or young people
    • Disabled children
    • Childcare costs
    • An ill or disabled adult
    • Being a carer.

    Find out more information about Universal Credit on our Support with Benefits page here.

    If you need help with your claim, call the Universal Credit helpline on: 0345 600 0723

    For more details on Universal Credit and to work out how much you may get, visit the GOV.UK website.

  • How is my Rent and Service Charge Set

    Your rent charge is determined by your tenancy agreement or lease, and any service charge you pay depends on if you receive communal services. Your rent will be reviewed every year and will increase based on the terms of your tenancy agreement or lease. For more information about when your rent charges will change and how they are set, click here.

  • How to Access your Rent Statement

    You can access your rent statement 24/7 by creating your personal online account with us. You can register here: Portal ( You will need your tenancy reference number which can be found on your tenancy agreement, or you can contact your CRM to find out what it is. Using your online portal, you can view your rent statement, balance and you can also contact us about anything else.