What is a Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Case Review?

The Anti Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014 introduced specific measures to improve the way in which agencies work together to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB). These include ways of giving victims a greater say in how ASB is dealt with. The ASB Case Review gives victims of ASB or hate crimes the right to request a case review if they are not satisfied with how their case has been handled.

When can I use the ASB Case Review?

If you (or others) have reported an incident three or more times within a 6-month period, you can activate the Review through your Local Authority (LA).

How can I use the ASB Case Review?

Click on the Local Authority area in which you live in to follow the process to activate the trigger:

What happens next?

Each LA will have a process that will be made clear when you click on their website. In all cases there will be a multi-agency case review that involves various agencies. The aim of the ASB Case Review is more of an attempt to fix the problem and stop the anti-social behaviour.

If your review request is accepted, the review process will usually take up to 28 days from the date of acceptance. In some circumstances the process may take longer, and you will be kept informed by the Local Authority of this.

A request can be declined if it does not meet the above threshold or it is prejudicial, malicious or unreasonable.